Drinking honey water on an empty stomach in the morning to lose weight

In modern society, we all agree that honey is a very beneficial food for the body, because we think that honey can improve intestinal function and prevent constipation. Many girls even get into the habit of drinking a glass of honey water in the morning, hoping that, as the book says, honey water can help them realize their dreams of losing weight and raising their looks. However, some people have questioned whether this glass of honey water can lose weight in the morning. How about an empty stomach? The following article will answer your questions and see how to drink honey water is the most appropriate, most helpful to you.

Effect of drinking honey water on weight loss in the morning on an empty stomach

In principle, drinking honey water on an empty stomach in the morning can really help the human body speed up intestinal movement, eliminate the body's residual toxins, so as to achieve a certain weight loss and weight loss effect. However, due to individual differences in the human body, the effect of honey on weight loss will be very limited, and it is difficult to achieve the desired optimal state. Especially for people who often suffer from gastrointestinal discomfort, it is even worse to drink honey on an empty stomach, because sweet honey can easily cause excessive secretion of gastric acid and make people feel strong discomfort.

Time period for drinking honey water

1. Drinking a cup of honey water before eating anything in the morning is far less healthy than a cup of warm boiled water. This is because after a night's sleep, blood in the human body will become sticky, and warm boiled water is more suitable than honey water to dilute blood concentration and avoid the risk of cardiovascular disease outbreak. After drinking warm boiled water for an hour and a half, and then drinking honey water, all functions of the intestine and stomach have begun to function normally, naturally there will be no danger.

2. The second time period suitable for drinking honey water is one and a half hours before meals or two hours after meals. This is mainly to consider that drinking honey water after meals can accelerate human metabolism, reduce fat accumulation, and achieve the effect of weight loss. Drinking honey water before meals can increase people's feeling of satiety and reduce hunger. When they really eat, they will unconsciously eat less, which naturally reduces the intake of calories and plays a role in weight loss.

3. If you did not sleep on time the day before and stayed up late, you should also drink a glass of honey water, which has little to do with weight loss. The purpose is to supplement the nutrition of the human body. This is mainly because honey is rich in fructose and glucose, which is the most easily absorbed substance by the human body and can improve the fatigue state of the body.

4. The most undesirable time to drink honey water is before going to bed at night. Drinking honey water at this time will increase blood viscosity, and the sugar in honey will be more easily converted to fat during sleep. It can even erode teeth and cause dental caries. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink honey water at night.

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