Homemade mask DaquanDo

their own DIY mask at home, the effect is not inferior to the popular mask on the market Oh! Not only that, home-made mask ingredients are safe, natural, and easy to use. For the expectant mothers who are not able to use many skin care products during pregnancy, homemade facial mask is also a great choice for skin care during pregnancy. How about Mask DIY? The following is a homemade mask for everyone.

NO.1, whitening maskMaterial: Scutellaria baicalensis, Pearl powder, Angelica dahurica, mulberry and white peel, 100 grams, appropriate amount of fresh milkMethod: Grind and mix the medicinal materials, take 10 grams each time when applying the face, add fresh milk slowly and stir evenly, until the medicinal materials are thick and muddy, apply it on the face for 5-10 minutes and then wash it.Mother's net small reminder: do not use fresh milk can also be directly mixed with water; acne muscle can be replaced by Luffa water fresh milk; young skin can be used yogurt.

NO.2, tremella maskMaterial: Tremella fuciformis, paper filmPractice:1. Boil Tremella fuciformis into soup, you can scoop a little more, you can also make an eye mask.2. Take a piece of paper film, peel off the package, put it in and soak for 5 minutes until it swells. It can be applied on the face for about 10 minutes. And remember to pour some tremella soup on the face halfway. After 10 minutes, it can be washed with or without water. Then proceed to normal skin care proceduresMother net reminds me: Tremella mask replenishment water, and add collagen, anti wrinkle and anti-aging, regular use will make the face smooth and delicate, also whitening. Not only girls can do it, but also boys can do it. It's natural and non-toxic.

NO.3, tomato Whitening MaskMaterial: Half tomato, a little flourPractice: Select ripe but not soft, red and opaque, round and lustrous tomatoes. After peeling the tomatoes, cut them into pieces and cut off the middle part. The juice leaves only the pulp. Pour in a little honey, chop and stir until muddy. Avoid eye and lip parts applied to your face. Wash the mask after drying.The mother net reminds: can mix a certain amount of starch into paste, so that the mask is smeared on the face, not more than 15 minutes.

NO.4, egg white honey maskMaterial: One egg, one spoonful of honey.Practice: egg breaking, as long as the egg white, put in an open utensil, add honey to stir evenly, the egg white honey mask is completed. After washing your face, make the egg white and honey mask evenly on the face and wash it with water after about 20 minutes.Mother's net small reminder: the most important thing is the choice of honey, we must choose good quality natural honey

NO.5, pearl powder, Aloe MaskMaterial: Pearl Powder, Aloe VeraPractice: Use 2 spoons aloe juice and 2 spoons flour, 0.15g pearl powder to mix into paste, apply it on the face, dry a little, then apply the second layer, keep it on the face for about 30 minutes, then wash it.Mom net small reminder: this mask has good anti-inflammatory, anti acne effect, and very refreshing. Select the best aloe juice and mix it with Pearl powder. Aloe juice is slightly acidic, but has no effect on Pearl powder. Some people may be allergic to aloe juice, so it's better to test it before using it. If you are allergic to aloe juice, try changing tea tree or lavender dew with pearl powder to make paper film.

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