What's the best way to look good?

1. Warm water moistens the skin. It must be warm water. It is too cold to open the pore. It is too hot, and the oil of the skin is taken away by water, which makes the skin more oily.

2. Squeeze the cleanser onto the palm of your hand and sprinkle a little salt on it, which is the salt for cooking. Rub your hands together for two or three times, then massage your face for about 1 to 3 minutes according to the order of T zone on your cheeks, and rinse with warm water. Repeat if necessary. I usually repeat it, feeling cleaner:)

3. Pour some sugar in the palm of your hand and add a few drops of water to rub your face in the same way as the second step is facial cleanser. You can rub your face for a longer time. 15 minutes is all right. Note that sugar can be bought as small as possible, but not powder. If there is no fine sugar, rub the sugar in your hand for a while more, and let him melt the granules smaller, but not all of them. The granules are to go to the bean prints. Of course, it depends on the sensitivity of your skin. The sensitive JM uses sugar water, which is slower to come. I also like to use sugar directly in the bean prints. Knead, feel that such bean prints go faster, ha ha! It's almost rubbed and rinsed with warm water.

Simple and economical method of eliminating acne

Skin care: Many long DD JMS have a misunderstanding that they want to remove oil, which will only stimulate more oil secretion, and water is the key point, more water will be less oil, so as to achieve oil-water balance.

Cleanliness: it is best to use foam rich facial cleanser, first wash the face cream in the hands after rubbing the rich foam and then apply it to the face to wash, which can reduce the irritation to the skin. Wash your face with warm water, too hot water will stimulate oil secretion, too cold water is not easy to clean, easy to grow black head.

Wash the face milk with hair; squeeze the right amount of facial cleanser on the palm of your hand, add water, rub out a rich foam, and then wash it on the face. (foam must be rich, and knead for a while). This will not only reduce the skin irritation of the foam cleanser, but also clean it more cleanly.

Cycle nursing: at least once a week, replenishment mask, or cleansing mask, or dead skin. The situation depends on the individual.

Small way to get rid of blackheads: Spread the egg white on your nose, then cover it with oil-absorbing paper. After drying, tear it off. I haven't tried it. It's said to be very effective. It's said by a sister.

Shrink pores mask: yogurt and honey, adjust the amount of the mask paper into the bubble, after completely absorbed, put the mask paper on the face, remove it after 20 minutes. I do this every night now. After applying it, I feel very comfortable and my skin turns white and delicate. I intend to stick to it all the time. I strongly recommend it.

Whitening and moisturizing facial mask; using the remaining milk bubble mask paper to bind the face, can lighten the bean print, and also can repair after sun. Fifteen minutes is enough, but milk is best skimmed, so as not to grow fat grains, the brand is not limited.

The best way to get rid of acne scar is to get rid of acne scar.

1. Apply tea water (hot) to pockmarks

2. Wash your face with warm water every morning, and add some white vinegar to it.

3. Drink more water (at least 8 cups a day), eat more vegetables and fruits, eat vitamins (vitamin VA, VC, VE, etc.) if it is very troublesome to buy separately, it is recommended to eat 21 golden vitamins.

PS; Personally, green tea is the best way to use tea, because green tea has anti-inflammatory effect. With DD, M M can use green tea as toner, which is very effective for DD. VA can promote skin repair, increase elasticity VC can whiten, maybe also can desalinate the bean print. VE can prevent oxidation.

Internal tune: Get up in the morning and drink a cup of honey water on an empty stomach, then eat skin blood poison pills sooner or later. It's from Tongrentang. It's very cheap. It's only five or six yuan a bottle. Attention, with the effect of drinking honey water is great! I have eaten two bottles, which is very effective. Bean prints are not so obvious.

Milk whitens and reddens skin

If facial skin is red, swollen and painful due to excessive sun exposure, rinse it with cold milk and then apply it to the face with a gauze soaked in milk. The pain and redness will be alleviated. If it is still painful, it means that there is inflammation, it is better to seek the diagnosis and treatment of dermatologists.

Cleaning pore dirt with yoghurt

After facial washing, gently massage with yogurt containing active lactobacillus, which can penetrate into the skin and thoroughly remove the dirt of the capillary.

Bean curd can whiten skin

Bean curd is crushed and packed in a gauze bag. After washing, it is used to rub the face. The skin will become white and smooth.

Tips for attaining face

Attaining a face is the best way to restore the luster and health of the facial skin. What kind of attaining effect do you want to achieve? First, you should have some understanding of the ingredients of the mask.

The best way to apply your face is to take a bath, otherwise you must steam your face for 10 minutes. Then apply the mask evenly to your face, but avoid the eyes and the mouth. Apply your face for about 8 to 10 minutes at a time, then wash it and take some makeup water to replenish the water. If you use a self-made mask, since most ingredients are flour, you can put another layer of gauze on the face. After finishing the application, the flour is dried. As long as the gauze is lifted gently, the mask can be removed as easily as a mask.

Milk Mask - whitening and moisturizing: mix a bowl of flour and 1/2 box of small boxed milk, and see the amount of fresh milk or flour added to the consistency. Because milk is a very mild detergent, it is very effective to remove dirt from the skin. It also has the effect of whitening and moisturizing.

Egg mask: high nutrition: 1 bowl of flour plus 1 eggs, pour 1 drops of baby oil (or olive oil) to mix well. If it's too dry, add some fresh water. It is rich in nutrients, suitable for use in winter or dry and rough skin; in summer, the skin is oilier, the yolk can be put a little less, in order to avoid excessive nutrition causing skin burden.

Cucumber mask - whitening: small cucumber washed, grind mud, add appropriate amount of flour and a little water, made a pale green cucumber mask, whitening effect.

Yogurt Mask - activate skin: mix yogurt and flour to make a mask. If skin is dry, you can add half of yolk. Applying yogurt on the face can activate the skin and restore its elasticity.

Crisp pear mask - lubrication: crisp pear contains rich nutrition and oil ingredients. When making facial mask, peel 1/4 pear into mud, add proper flour, a little honey and 3 drops of lemon juice to mix well. It has the greatest lubricating effect on dry skin.

Radish mask - skin white and red: first wash 1/3 carrot, and grind the skin into mud, mix with the right amount of flour and 1 drops of lemon juice, and add 1 drops of olive oil to paste into paste. People with pale, dry skin often use this method to make their skin white and red, showing healthy beauty.

Watermelon mask -- whitening and detoxification: summer is the season of watermelon. If you only regard watermelon as a delicacy, it will be too wasteful of its beauty function. Cut off the hard green skin outside the watermelon with a peeler and dig out the edible red part. Put the green bag in the middle of the watermelon into the juice machine to make mud. Add proper amount of flour to mix, and then apply it on the face. It can whiten and detoxify.

Tomato mask - whitening and moisturizing: break the washed tomatoes into a fruit juice machine, filter them with sand cloth, and mix with the right amount of flour to make a simple facial mask. It can moisturize and whiten the skin.

Cream milk powder, a teaspoon of honey, and an egg white. Mix well and apply to face for about 10 to 15 minutes. Long-term adherence to use can make the skin delicate and refreshing, especially suitable for dry or sensitive skin facial beauty.

Apple Mask: peel and cut the apple and mash it. Add the right amount of fresh milk to the face. Wash it with hot towel after 10~15 minutes. Once every other day, 20 days for a course of treatment. Long-term use can make the skin smooth and tender, but also eliminate or alleviate skin acne, freckles, black spots symptoms.

Vitamin Mask: vitamin A, D 30 each, vitamin E50 granules, heat them to melt, remove the surface of the colloid, leaving a pale yellow oily liquid, take the right amount of fresh milk, egg white mixed together, refrigerated room in the refrigerator to refrigerate. Take it out half an hour before each use, apply it on your face and massage gently, then wash it after 10 to 15 minutes. This mask is nutritious and moisturizing, and can be used all the year round.

Olive oil mask to improve drying: heat olive oil to 37 degrees Celsius, add proper amount of honey, then dip the gauze piece in oil, cover it on the face and remove it after 20 minutes. It can prevent skin aging, moisturize skin, remove freckles and wrinkles, especially for dry skin.

Honey tomato freckle treatment acne: first crush tomato juice, add appropriate amount of honey and a little flour into paste, apply to the face for 20-30 minutes, with the skin moisturizing, white, soft, long-term use also has the functions of freckle relief and wrinkle treatment and skin acne.

All of the above are good, but don't use too much, it will make the cutin thicker, twice a week will be OK.

Also, I can recommend a mask for MM with a large facial pore. I used it myself. I feel good. I soak the mask in yogurt. Then I get rid of the excess yogurt and put it on my face. Then I relax and rest for 15 minutes or so. I'll take the mask paper off, wash it with cold water or warm water, and touch the oil again. I feel really good.

Tell you a way to get rid of acne printing:

Method 1.

First prepare half a teaspoon of natural salt, an egg protein and a spoon of molasses.

Practice: Stir the protein and salt until foaming, then pour in the honey and stir.

Applying method: Clean face before applying, but avoid touching around eyes and lips. Apply it for one to two minutes, then rinse with warm water after the protein is dried, then rinse with frozen water more than once, and then wipe it dry.

Method two,

Material: Prepare a single garlic and a little honey.

Oil extraction method: After facial cleaning, cut garlic into transverse sections, coat with honey, rub back and forth 10 times at the oil outlet (e.g. T position), and then clean the face with water or honey.

Method three,

Yogurt about 5 ml, plus a spoonful of honey. Honey needs to be thicker. Mix well and wipe it on your face for 15 minutes and wash it off.

For acne-free printing: pearl powder + egg white. Stir and stir. Do your best to coat thicker, or it will dry quickly for 15-20 minutes and wash off. After that, the skin will become very slippery and slippery. Other sensations are not there. It needs to be done for a long time. However, pearl powder has a calming effect. Because the allergic bag is well packed, the JM with acne on the face can try it.

Pearl powder + yoghurt is a simple method. It is mixed with a few drops of leftover yoghurt and a small amount of Pearl powder, and then coated on the bean print. You can stay overnight and wash it off the next day. We should also persist for a long time. Do not put too much Pearl powder, otherwise it will easily clog the pores. Choose low-fat or skimmed milk as much as possible to avoid excess nutrients causing fat grains.

Formula: Sophora honey (must use Sophora honey yoghurt + corn flour (available in supermarkets), three moderate to thick, then applied to the face for two hours, and finally washed with warm water. It is best to adhere to do three times a week if the effect is obvious, once a week, long-term use of this, skin will become tender and white! ____________

This method has a good effect to remove the acquired freckles, computer freckles and acne marks, but it is ineffective for natural freckles unless you do spot cosmetology!

PS: before using this prescription, it is best to apply sesame oil + corn flour for two hours. After second days, you can see that the dark head of the skin is raised to the surface of the skin, then make a mask (any mask can be), and tear it down after 15 minutes to OK! The best way to raise blackhead is to do it only once, unless the skin on MM's face is rough, you can do it again, but the best time interval is half a month, so don't do it again.

Whitening shrinkage;

150 grams of Coix seed, immersed in pure water for three hours, preferably mineral water, then boil the water in a pot, turn off the fire, pour the water into a large bowl, add two spoonfuls of honey and half cups of milk when the water temperature is low to about 20 degrees, mix and cool, put in the refrigerator. Every night after washing your face, apply this kind of blister paper film on your face for 20 minutes. At the same time, pat your neck with water. The next day, your face will be very good. After one month, your skin will be obviously white and your pore will be more meticulous.

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