How to improve the skin of mailbox?

There are still a lot of people with oily skin around them. Touching their face with their hands is all oily. Everyone wants to know how to treat oily skin. There are four main nursing methods for oily skin, namely, cleaning skin, oil control, dietary attention and make-up should not be too thick.

Many people's skin is naturally oily. These people often find their face glossy with oil and touch it with their hands. There are still many people with this kind of skin around them. Everyone wants to know how to treat oily skin. Skin professionals point out that if you want to improve, you must master the right method. Here we take you to understand the right method.

How to treat oily skin? Nursing methods for oily skin:

1. Clean the skin

For oily skin friends, the most important way to control oil is to pay attention to the cleanliness of the skin. For oily skin friends, they need to use cleanser with strong cleanliness, which can remove grease and grease from the face very thoroughly. Especially after a day's work, people have a lot of dust on their faces. At this time, they need to thoroughly clean the face. When cleaning the skin, it needs to be regionalized, massage a few times in places where there is more oil, and then rinse out.

2. Oil control

The second point is to control the oil, because oily skin has a lot of grease on their skin. Water and oil will not be balanced. Only by choosing the right skin care products can we help you correctly control the oil. We suggest that you choose a refreshing toner or refreshing oil control lotion.

3. Pay more attention to diet

For people with oily skin, special attention should be paid to their diet. They should eat more light and cool food, too greasy and spicy and irritating food can not be eaten. This will make the skin more oily. In the usual diet, we should eat more kelp and carrot, which can help us improve oily skin.

4. Makeup should not be too heavy
Others with oily skin should not be too thick if they make up. Especially, they should not use cosmetics containing grease. If they produce too much oil, they can use oil absorbent paper to deal with it.

How to treat oily skin? If you are an oily skin person, you can use the above methods to improve, as long as you can persist in doing so, oily skin can be improved very well, so that you can touch the face with your hands again will not find a lot of oil, you can have good skin.

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